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Career Services: Road Trip Nation

Use this guide to find resources for discovering career resources

RoadTrip Nation is a career exploration resource for NPC students and alumni that will help you discover how your interests can evolve into a rewarding career you'll love.  You can explore careers and majors; engage with fun activities; watch video interviews with professionals and ultimately create a plan of action that will inspire you to start defining your own road forward.

Most of RoadTrip Nation is free.  But if you want full access to the video interviews, see the "Roadmap Tool . . ." section for a link to a form to fill out.  

RoadTrip Nation Website: 


Home > What We Offer > Videos & Stories 

These "documentaries" are centered around a particular theme or demographic of students.  The students share information about their goals, dreams, and struggles during the trip.  They interview several professionals and ask penetrating questions about careers, pathways, and life journeys.  You feel like you went on the road trip with them, and afterwards you feel encouraged, confident, informed, and ready to move forward.


                            Home > What We Offer > Podcast 

Pick the podcast platform you want to use to listen.  Similar to the video interviews of the leaders found under "Roadmap Tool" except with commentary and discussion with the podcast hosts.  A worthwhile listen as they discuss their thoughts and certain points that were brought up in the interview.  

My favorite episodes include:

  • Oct. 7, 2020.  "Nothing Worth Doing is Easy" (w/ Diana Trujilo)
  • Jul 15, 2020.  "Invest in Yourself" (w/ Lisa Legohn)

Self-Paced Course

                            Home > What We Offer > Course 

Discover career possibilities and take action.  Take this self-paced project-led course for those that want to explore career possibilities.  This was designed specifically for those aged 13 and older.

There are five self-discovery lessons to help you explore careers.  There are videos, reflection questions, links to assessments, activities, and skill-building tools.  The very last lesson is a project where you conduct an informational interview for one of your contacts.  The entire course will take about 3 hours and possibly 5 hours or more if you utilize all the resources and decide to complete the final project.


Roadmap Tool - Interests, Majors, Careers, Video Interviews, Pathways

Home > What We Offer > Roadmap Tool 

Some of this content requires a subscription.  Use this tool to see how your interests connect with college majors and careers.  See the leader profiles to see their educational pathways, job title, action steps, etc. You can also watch video interviews.  The interviews are from leaders from all walks of life and they have valuable experience and advice on a variety of career and life-related topics.  Without a subscription code, you won't be able to see the full video interviews, only the highlights.  While using the tool, if you think you will benefit from full access to the video interviews (they're great!), then fill out the form.

Video clip showing how to use the Roadmap Tool:

Form to fill out.  Once you fill out the form, it will provide you the access code and link to a short video on how to create an account and add the access code: 

My Favorite Leader Interviews:


Search Leaders, College Majors, and Careers


Click on the search icon

You can search on any topic you want, and the results will be sorted by video clip, leaders, careers, and majors.  To get the best search results in the video section, you should make sure you are logged into your account and that the NPC access code has been added to your account. See the "Roadmap Tool - Interests . . ." section above for more information on how to do this.

For search phrases, it's best if you use quotes " " to ensure more accurate results.  

Some examples searches could be:

    *   Welding
    *   Business
    *   "Drop out"
    *    Attorney
    *    STEM
    *   non-profit
    *   "work-life balance"
    *    stress
    *   Microsoft
    *   "Arizona State University"
    *   "Chelsea Clinton"
    *   "medical school"

Search for any topic you want; you might be surprised by what results come up.

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