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Copyright: Introduction

Copyright image of the letter "c" within a circle

What is Copyright?

From Intellectual Property from Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law:

"A copyright is an intangible right granted by statute to the originator of certain literary or artistic productions, including authors, artists, musicians, composers, and publishers, among others. For a limited period of time, copyright owners are given the exclusive privilege to produce, copy, and distribute their creative works for publication or sale.

Copyright is distinct from other forms of legal protection granted to originators of creative works such as patents, which give inventors exclusive rights over use of their inventions, and trademarks, which give businesses exclusive rights over words, symbols, and other devices affixed to goods for the purpose of signifying their authenticity to the public. All three types of legal protection comprise an area of law known as intellectual property."

Why is it important?

Copyright is important because it protects the creative materials that artists, authors, and others make available to the public.

What is Public Domain?

Public Domain refers to creative materials that are NOT covered by patent, trademark, or copyright laws. They can be used to anyone, and owned by no one.

Open Access is a set of principles and a range of practices through which research outputs are distributed online, free of access charges or other barriers.

Who owns the Copyright? Can an animal own the copyright on a picture they took?

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